The Roles and Representation of Jewish Women in Zeev Jawitz'Writings

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This article examines the roles of Jewish women in Zeev Jawitz' Writings. His perception was influenced by both traditional and masskilic values, but his most influential source was the Hebrew Bible. Jawitz believed that the romantic ideal of love between man and woman should form the basis for marriage, instead of a match based on social and financial interests, as was customary in traditional Jewish society and among the higher classes. In addition, he highlighted traditional egalitarian aspects of men and women in Judaism, and related to famous women in the Hebrew Bible: Miriam, Dvora, and Hannah, not as the exception but as the rule. However, he was completely committed to Halakha and objected to breaching its explicit rules. Jawitz was the first religious Zionist leader and thinker, and one of the first Orthodox scholars, to deal seriously with this issue. Although his view is not systematic – probably because of the literary form of his presentation – he influenced his religious Zionist audience by introducing new and egalitarian approaches towards Jewish women.
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StatePublished - 2018


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