The politics of human rights in Egypt and Jordan

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Why did human rights claims have such a limited impact on the authoritarian status quo in the Middle East prior to the Arab Spring -- and why are they so often thwarted now? What factors have shaped human rights debates and outcomes in the region? Addressing these questions, Bosmat Yefet offers a comparative analysis, both empirically grounded and theoretically sophisticated, of the forces variously supporting and resisting the full embrace of human rights in Egypt and Jordan since the 1990s.--Provided by publisher.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBoulder, Colorado
Number of pages289
StatePublished - 2015

ULI Keywords

  • uli
  • Human rights -- Egypt
  • Human rights -- Jordan
  • Egypt -- Politics and government
  • Jordan -- Politics and government
  • מצרים -- פוליטיקה וממשל
  • مصر -- السياسة والحكم
  • ירדן -- פוליטיקה וממשל
  • الأردن -- السياسة والحكم


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