The Holocaust in the Crimea and the North Caucasus

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This study presents a comprehensive account of the Jews in the Crimea and the North Caucasus in the Holocaust years. The book covers the life and destruction of the Jewish population, and describes the relations between Jews and non-Jews before and during the war; the evacuation of the Jews; the German occupation and the destruction of the Jewish population; the fate of non-Ashkenazi Jews; Jewish responses; and reactions of local populations.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationJerusalem
Number of pages600
StatePublished - 2016

ULI Keywords

  • uli
  • ARK
  • Avtonomna Respublika Krym (Ukraine)
  • Caucasia
  • Caucasus
  • Caucasus (Region)
  • Caucasus Mountains
  • Crimea
  • Crimea (Ukraine)
  • Crimean Republic (Ukraine)
  • Dag-Chufut
  • Dag-Tsʻufuṭ
  • Dagesṭaniyim
  • German occupation, Ukraine, 1941-1944
  • Harariyim
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Caucasus
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Ukraine -- Crimea
  • Jews -- Caucasus -- History
  • Jews -- Ukraine -- Crimea -- History
  • Kavkaz
  • Krim (Ukraine)
  • Krym (Ukraine)
  • Mountain Jews
  • Republic of Crimea (Ukraine)
  • Republic of Krym (Ukraine)
  • Respublika Krym (Ukraine)
  • Taurida (Ukraine)
  • Ukraine -- History -- German occupation, 1941-1944


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