Study and test of the rebuncher for SARAF-LINAC phase II

Lu Zhao, Xiao Wen Zhu, Jonathan Dumas, Didier Chirpaz, Tom Joannem, Francis Gohier, Nicolas Solenne, Patrice Guiho, Remy Braud, Olivier Piquet, Guillaume Ferrand, Sébastien Ladegaillerie, Claude Marchand, Francoise Gougnaud, Romuald Duperrier, Didier Uriot, Leo Weissman, Boaz Kaizer, Eli Farber, Matthieu MichelJean Francois Leyge

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In order to match the beam exiting the RFQ to the superconducting cavities and to minimize the longitudinal beam extension, three rebunchers will be installed in the Medium Energy Beam Transport (MEBT) of SARAF-LINAC phase II. CEA is in charge of the design and fabrication of the copper-plated stainless steel, 3-gap rebunchers. Beam dynamic simulation leads to the global MEBT design. The rebuncher was successfully conditioned to the RF power of 4.4 kW required for CW operation, with sufficient power margin. A solid state power amplifier of 10 kW developed by SNRC is used during the RF test. The rebuncher shows a good performance in terms of the dissipated power, peak temperatures and vacuum level.


  • Beam dynamic
  • Buncher
  • Linac
  • MEBT
  • RF power


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