Reactions of alkyl radicals in aqueous solutions

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Alkyl radicals are key intermediates in a variety of important processes occurring in aqueous solutions, e.g. biological processes, advanced oxidation processes, catalytic processes, photochemical processes of importance in solar energy conversion, environmental processes, electrochemical processes, etc. This chapter outlines the major routes to the formation of alkyl radicals, their general chemical properties, and their mechanisms of reaction in solutions and at the surfaces of immersed metals and of suspended nanoparticles.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAlkane Functionalization
Number of pages31
ISBN (Electronic)9781119379256
StatePublished - 2 Jan 2019


  • Electrochemistry
  • Fenton
  • Hemi-bonds
  • Inner-sphere
  • Nanoparticles
  • Photochemistry
  • ROS
  • Redox
  • Β-elimination
  • γ radiation


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