Quantum state interrogation using a preshaped free electron wavefunction

Bin Zhang, Du Ran, Reuven Ianconescu, Aharon Friedman, Jacob Scheuer, Amnon Yariv, Avraham Gover

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We present a comprehensive theory for interrogation of the quantum state of a two-level system (TLS) based on a free-electron-bound-electron resonant interaction scheme. The scheme is based on free electrons, whose quantum electron wavefunction is preshaped or optically modulated by lasers in an electron microscope setup and then inelastically scattered by a quantum TLS target (e.g., atom, quantum dot, and crystal defect center) upon traversing in proximity to the target. Measurement of the postinteraction energy spectrum of the electrons probes and quantifies the full Bloch sphere parameters of a pre-excited TLS and enables coherent control of the qubit states. The exceptional advantage of this scheme over laser-based ones is atomic-scale spatial resolution of addressing individual TLS targets. Thus, this scheme opens horizons for electron microscopy in material interrogation and quantum information technology.

Original languageEnglish
Article number033071
JournalPhysical Review Research
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 2022


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