Oscillation, nonoscillation, stability and asymptotic properties for second and higher order functional differential equations

Leonid Berezansky, Alexander Domoshnitsky, Roman Koplatadze

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Asymptotic properties of solutions such as stability/ instability,oscillation/ nonoscillation, existence of solutions with specific asymptotics, maximum principles present a classical part in the theory of higher order functional differential equations. The use of these equations in applications is one of the main reasons for the developments in this field. The control in the mechanical processes leads to mathematical models with second order delay differential equations. Stability and stabilization of second order delay equations are one of the main goals of this book. The book is based on the authors' results in the last decade. Features: Stability, oscillatory and asymptotic properties of solutions are studied in correlation with each other. The first systematic description of stability methods based on the Bohl-Perron theorem. Simple and explicit exponential stability tests. In this book, various types of functional differential equations are considered: second and higher orders delay differential equations with measurable coefficients and delays, integro-differential equations, neutral equations, and operator equations. Oscillation/nonoscillation, existence of unbounded solutions, instability, special asymptotic behavior, positivity, exponential stability and stabilization of functional differential equations are studied. New methods for the study of exponential stability are proposed. Noted among them inlcude the W-transform (right regularization), a priory estimation of solutions, maximum principles, differential and integral inequalities, matrix inequality method, and reduction to a system of equations. The book can be used by applied mathematicians and as a basis for a course on stability of functional differential equations for graduate students.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBoca Raton
Number of pages590
ISBN (Electronic)0429321686, 1000048551, 1000048632
StatePublished - 2020

ULI Keywords

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  • Functional differential equations
  • Stability
  • Differential equations, Functional


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