Optimization of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Blast-Furnace Slag Compositions

Vadim Zhitkovsky, Leonid Dvorkin, Yuri Ribakov

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The paper deals with composition design of self-compacting concrete containing blast furnace granulated slag and polycarboxylate type superplasticizer in a wide range of concrete strength classes. Optimal superplasticizer content, cement, and blast furnace slag consumptions are obtained from the viewpoint of minimum water demand and water-cement ratio, maximum self-compacting concrete mixture workability retention, and concrete strength. A significant effect of joint influence of superplasticizer and blast furnace slag is demonstrated. The possibility of minimizing the cement consumption at optimal superplasticizer content and slag consumption of 100-120 kg/m3 is shown. Dependences for calculating SCC strength at 1, 7, and 28 days vs.The water-cement ratio are obtained. It is found that the nature of correlation dependences for SCC splitting and compression strengths when using the blast furnace slag and the superplasticizer is linear. Optimization of SCC compositions using mathematical programming enables to obtain compositions with a lowest possible cost while providing a set of specified parameters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9674394
JournalAdvances in Materials Science and Engineering
StatePublished - 2022


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