Novel synthetic cyclic integrin αvβ3 binding peptide ALOS4: Antitumor activity in mouse melanoma models

Shiri Yacobovich, Lena Tuchinsky, Michael Kirby, Tetiana Kardash, Oryan Agranyoni, Elimelech Nesher, Boris Redko, Gary Gellerman, Dror Tobi, Katerina Gurova, Igor Koman, Osnat Ashur-Fabian, Albert Pinhasov

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ALOS4, a unique synthetic cyclic peptide without resemblance to known integrin ligand sequences, was discovered through repeated biopanning with pIII phage expressing a disulfide-constrained nonapeptide library. Binding assays using a FITClabeled analogue demonstrated selective binding to immobilized αvβ3 and a lack of significant binding to other common proteins, such as bovine serum albumin and collagen. In B16F10 cell cultures, ALOS4 treatment at 72 h inhibited cell migration (30%) and adhesion (up to 67%). Immunofluorescent imaging an ALOS4-FITC analogue with B16F10 cells demonstrated rapid cell surface binding, and uptake and localization in the cytoplasm. Daily injections of ALOS4 (0.1, 0.3 or 0.5 mg/kg i.p.) to mice inoculated with B16F10 mouse melanoma cells in two different cancer models, metastatic and subcutaneous tumor, resulted in reduction of lung tumor count (metastatic) and tumor mass (subcutaneous) and increased survival of animals monitored to 45 and 60 days, respectively. Examination of cellular activity indicated that ALOS4 produces inhibition of cell migration and adhesion in a concentrationdependent manner. Collectively, these results suggest that ALOS4 is a structurallyunique selective αvβ3 integrin ligand with potential anti-metastatic activity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)63549-63560
Number of pages12
Issue number39
StatePublished - 2016


  • ALOS4
  • Cancer
  • Cyclic peptide
  • Integrin
  • Melanoma


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