Measurement of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron at [Formula presented] and [Formula presented]

G. Warren, F. Wesselmann, H. Zhu, P. McKee, N. Savvinov, M. Zeier, A. Aghalaryan, A. Ahmidouch, H. Arenhövel, R. Asaturyan, I. Ben-Dayan, F. Bloch, W. Boeglin, B. Boillat, H. Breuer, J. Brower, C. Carasco, M. Carl, R. Carlini, J. ChaN. Chant, E. Christy, L. Cole, L. Coman, M. Coman, D. Crabb, S. Danagoulian, D. Day, K. Duek, J. Dunne, M. Elaasar, R. Ent, J. Farrell, R. Fatemi, D. Fawcett, H. Fenker, T. Forest, K. Garrow, A. Gasparian, I. Goussev, P. Gueye, M. Harvey, M. Hauger, R. Herrera, B. Hu, I. Jaegle, M. Jones, J. Jourdan, C. Keith, J. Kelly, C. Keppel, M. Khandaker, A. Klein, A. Klimenko, L. Kramer, B. Krusche, S. Kuhn, Y. Liang, J. Lichtenstadt, R. Lindgren, J. Liu, A. Lung, D. Mack, G. Maclachlan, P. Markowitz, D. McNulty, D. Meekins, J. Mitchell, H. Mkrtchyan, R. Nasseripour, I. Niculescu, K. Normand, B. Norum, A. Opper, E. Piasetzky, J. Pierce, M. Pitt, Y. Prok, B. Raue, J. Reinhold, J. Roche, D. Rohe, O. Rondon, D. Sacker, B. Sawatzky, M. Seely, I. Sick, N. Simicevic, C. Smith, G. Smith, M. Steinacher, S. Stepanyan, J. Stout, V. Tadevosyan, S. Tajima, L. Tang, G. Testa, R. Trojer, B. Vlahovic, B. Vulcan, K. Wang, S. Wells, H. Woehrle, S. Wood, C. Yan, Y. Yanay, L. Yuan, J. Yun, B. Zihlmann

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The electric form factor of the neutron was determined from measurements of the [Formula presented] reaction for quasielastic kinematics. Polarized electrons were scattered off a polarized deuterated ammonia ([Formula presented]) target in which the deuteron polarization was perpendicular to the momentum transfer. The scattered electrons were detected in a magnetic spectrometer in coincidence with neutrons in a large solid angle detector. We find [Formula presented] and [Formula presented] at [Formula presented] and [Formula presented], respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5
Number of pages1
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2004
Externally publishedYes


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