Learning in Crisis: Rethinking organisational learning in relation to Crisis Management

Elena Antonacopoulou, Zachary Sheaffer

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This paper introduces the concept of Learning in Crisis (LiC) and presents a fresh perspective in the Organizational Learning debate about the ways in which learning is conceptualised, and the way learning is associated with organizational failure and crisis. The analysis integrates perspectives from the existing Organizational Learning and Crisis Management literatures and presents a conceptualization of LiC as a mode of learning that embraces experimentation and practising. This orientation is particularly timely considering the significance of learning in turbulent times. LiC provides a new basis for understanding the relationship between learning and crisis and reveals a range of additional questions that could inform both scholarship and business practice in Crisis Management and Organizational Learning.


Conference70th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion in Management Practice and Research, AOM 2010
CityMontreal, QC


  • Crisis Management
  • Learning from failure
  • Organizational learning


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