High power solid state RF amplifiers for SARAF Phase II Linac

B. Kaizer, I. Fishman, A. Perry, L. Weissman, T. Zchut, J. Luner, E. Farber, A. Azoulay, S. Robin

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Compact narrow-band high power Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) capable of delivering up to 10/20 kW CW RF power at 176 MHz were developed at SNRC for SARAF Linac Phase II. The 10/20 kW amplifiers were built by combining RF power from two/four 5 kW high power amplifiers using 3 dB 0–90° High Power Quad Hybrid Couplers (HPQHC). In their turn, the 5 kW amplifiers were combined from eight LDMOS water cooled amplifiers modules equipped with internal circulators and RF loads. The total power gain of the 10/20 kW amplifiers (including the driver stages) is 70/73 dB. These amplifiers have the ability to withstand with continuous wave full reflection power (VSWR at nominal rating > 100:1) for a long time without the use of an external circulator. Unconditional stability for CW and pulsed operation, reliability, linearity, high efficiency, simple design and compact size are the main features we sought for this amplifier. The underlying design principles, indigenous development and test results are presented.


  • Accelerator
  • High power amplifier
  • Radio frequency
  • Solid state amplifier


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