Halakha and the Challenge of Israeli Sovereignty

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"Halakha and the Challenge of Israeli Sovereignty examines the issues surrounding national, political, and religious sovereignty from the vantage point of halakha and its evolution. The work analyzes the efforts of the interpretative communities who adhered to halakha—the rabbinical authorities—as well as other groups who endeavored to help or to change it: the Jewish jurists in Eretz Israel who sought to integrate sections of halakha into the Jewish collective; and the religious academics who wanted more meaningful recognition of halakha in non-halakhic values. The assessment extends from the beginning of the Jewish national movement in the last two decades of the 19th century to the first two decades of the State of Israel, when weighty problems arose that required a halakhic response to the challenge of sovereignty. In this, the volume sheds light on the pliable nature of the concept of halakha, particularly in conjunction with its application to the notion of sovereignty."
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Place of PublicationLanham, Maryland
Number of pages213
ISBN (Electronic)9781498534970, 9781498534987
StatePublished - 2019


  • Judaism and state -- Israel
  • Religion and state -- Israel
  • Jewish law
  • Law -- Israel -- Jewish influences
  • Israel -- Politics and government

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  • uli
  • Jewish law -- 21st century
  • Judaism and state -- Israel
  • Law -- Israel -- Jewish influences
  • Religion and state -- Israel
  • Israel -- Politics and government
  • ישראל -- פוליטיקה וממשל
  • إسرائيل -- السياسة والحكم


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